Communicating for Success

How a business communicates makes all the difference in what it accomplishes … and how long it stays in business.

We’re long-time pros in the realm of communications, including both the written and spoken word.

As a full service consulting firm, the breadth of our know-how in still other areas bolsters our communications work even further.

Call on us to help boost the power of your communications.


Spoken Word

CPI has 28 years’ experience in professional development training. Strategic communications and public speaking are two of our specialties. Our Public Speaking Boot Camp has provided intensive training to business managers, nonprofit leaders, government officials and others.

Our speaking experience is also extensive in many different venues, including in guest speaker roles for numerous state and national conferences and seminars, before governmental bodies, in high level press conferences, as an expert witness, as online event hosts and other varied capacities.

We’re here to assist with:

• Training you or your staff in powerful public speaking  skills
• Training on broader communication skills and strategies
• Coaching for speaking/communications success
• Presenting on your behalf
• Developing your communications plan
• Moderating/facilitating for your online event
• Interviewing your guests online


Written Word

The field of written communications is also our forte … through highly skilled services in writing, editing and substantive critiquing. Examples of what we can do for you include:

• Composing speeches and presentations
• Writing or editing reports, white papers and other professional documents
• Drafting or critiquing & editing competitive bids for services (RFPs, grant proposals, other)
• Reviewing and improving upon legal contracts
• Preparing promotional literature for your products and services
• Preparing press statements and media releases
• Developing Power Point slide content for your presentations
• Evaluating or composing messages for your online presence
• Developing your Blog, e-book or e-zine narrative
• Still other services on request